Who’s fault is it anyway?

If God knew from all eternity that I was going to finally write in my blog again today, could I have chosen not to?

Well, for the past three months, whether God knew in advance or not, it appears that I have chosen not to.  Why?  Well, maybe because the summer has just been totally busy.  Maybe because every time I thought about it, I also immediately thought of all the work that was more pressing.  Maybe because I just didn’t exercise the discipline needed to sit down and write.

Or maybe, God already knew I wouldn’t and so it wasn’t really up to me.  I mean, if he wrote (or even just knows) the entire script in advance and He’s God, then I can’t change the script, right?  At least with this option none of the responsibility is mine.

And so, I humbly submit that my absence from this blog is God’s fault and not mine.  Please direct all complaints to the Boss…

P.S.  I don’t really believe any of this.  But, i will write again soon.