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  1. Hey, nice writing! I learned some great lessons. Are you up for doing communion more often…you have some great tie ins.

    And, how did you get the site. I’ve been using http://www.Myspace/communic8r but am uncomfortable with how it works…and having it blocked from church makes it a pain. Talk to me over the cubicle.


  2. I knew you were a great communicator…no surprise that you are a fine writer as well! Thanks for the heads up on your blog. Enjoyed the reading…

    How in the world do you find time to do this!?! You’re amazing…


  3. Ummm. be back soon? Are you okay? ….

    Who are you? I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I stumbled onto this site and wanted to find out more, this is really intresting.


  4. I was looking up unicorn pics, this blog came up. I must admit it was very inspiring to read your pages, the daddy all the time blog, I know some people that could really grow from your perspective. I will pray for the little girls’ family, the unicorn that brought me to this page truly was a blessing. God bless you!


  5. Hey, man. Just checking in on your rad site. Awesome. I’ll be around often, reading and commenting occasionally. Just sayin’ hi! See ya at church!

  6. Hello Nick,

    I was doing some research about HIV/AIDS in Seattle and came across your blog post titled “Gay Bath-House” and after reading and digesting your writings, I must say you are one bright, knowledgeable individual.

    I work with individuals who are nearing the end of their lives, usually due to severe health related issues. One of the illnesses that I so frequently cross paths with is HIV/AIDS. Not that this specific disease is isolated to the gay community, (current statistics actually show that today, new infections are more prevalent in heterosexuals) but nonetheless, without the efforts of people like yourself and your friend, it would be even more out of control. I simply wanted to say Thank You for being an “involved” citizen.

    I, like you, blog about my life and my personal perspective. However, I am very new to the blogging scene as my blog is less than 30 days old but I am enjoying it so far. After so many years of work and life, I thought it about time to finally start blogging.

    I have yet to read thru the many posts which you have compiled, but intend to browse through them in the future as I believe you have a stock-pile of valuable information here. Good job!

    My line of work is not traditional, and in many cases people dont know whether to bless me or burn me. I’ve been called everything from a saint to a sinner.

    When I was a little boy, the first thing I remember wanting to be was a priest. I was baptized Lutheran but raised in the Catholic church. As I got older and had many of my own very personal experiences I began to develop a magnificent obsession with theology and religious history. I was trying to fit into a world I found myself drawn to, but for many reasons, I didn’t fit in.

    I, much like yourself, have been in a sort of self-imposed exile. As I said earlier, I work with people who are nearing the end of their lives, what I didn’t tell you was how I work with them. I am what can be termed as, and many names exist, but the most common term used is Psychic.

    It’s a process of learning and understanding, and of love. Many of the barriers I break occur in the form of realizations after very personal experiences, much like the one you had in the Bath-House. Its about eyes being wide open and the mind being ready to receive without pre-imposed boundaries or negative labels.

    You are a rare breed of divinely imposed awareness and ability. Your blog is passing that awareness on to others. I can only hope that more individuals like yourself will go into life with the willingness and strength to see the human spirit for what it really is.

    You have verbalized an awareness in yourself about the need to share understanding and break down stereotypes. This deserves applause.

    I also live in the greater Seattle area. I live in North Bend actually but am new to the area. I moved here last September. Seattle is a great city with many sights and a wonderful feel!

    Have a great evening and wonderful week.

    ~ Jeremy

  7. Hi Nick. I’m doing some research to teach a class on apologetics and came across your site. Looking forward to your material. Hey, how do read yellow script on a white background? Perhaps someone else has mentioned this, but it does not work at all. Hope there is not too much of it on the site. Just my 2 cents worth.

  8. Very thought-provoking article, especially the “famous quote.” There is a lot in it. Citing it would be a great way to open the class after some thought on it. I’m that quote isn’t in yellow or I wouldn’t have seen it! 🙂

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