12 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Day

  1. Congrats! You know, if you are thinking of a short, convenient and unisex nickname for your little one, just take out the y’s and n and you get… Pat! Wow, thats lucky!

  2. Dude, congrats! Kaylynn told me at school today. Still disapointed you didn’t name it Kyle, but I suppose that would create some weird situations later on in life =). Well, I coming to your youth group this Wednesday, I’ll see you then.


  3. Congratulations you two!!!! You will have a ball with your little Paytyn, I have a good nick (sic) name already for her….. You guessed it “Bobbie”

    It has such a good ring to it don’t you think???

    Did you figure out UBL???? Not to be confused with UBH…..

    Paytyn, you are one lucky girl!!! Our Very Best you everyone!!

  4. Way to go you two! Life will never be the same as you know it. It will be BETTER with baby Paytyn! 🙂
    The Jackson’s

  5. We are so happy for you all. Can’t wait to see her! Nick, you have to bring her by the office one day. I agree with Sue. Pat has lost his mind!!!!

    Love you,

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