Bring Your Gun to Church Day!

We’ll continue with our discussion on “Jesus and Non-violence” in the next post, but a friend of mine mentioned this news story to me yesterday.  It was so appalling that I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I wanted to laugh (oh, Kentucky, you make me wanna laugh all the time), cry, and pull my eye balls out in frustration all at the same time.

If this isn’t the perfect example of the church confusing and blending the kingdom of God with the kingdoms of this world than I don’t know what is.

Please understand, at issue is not whether people should carry and use guns (a whole other discussion), but of what business this is for the church.  Why is the church’s message and mission being watered down to make political statements about bearing arms?

Just ask yourself this as you watch:

“Is it the church’s job to protect my American rights?”

“Did Jesus die for our right to bear arms?”

“Is protecting the 2nd amendment even close to part of the mission of the church?”

“We’re just going to celebrate the upcoming theme of the birth of our nation,” said pastor Ken Pagano. “And we’re not ashamed to say that there was a strong belief in God and firearms — without that this country wouldn’t be here.”

Wow, that quote alone is enough to make you wonder whether this guy worships America or God.  It seems that for him, the church exists to secure his American way of life.  Very close, if not completely overtly, a form of idolatry.

Think about it.

John 18:36
Jesus answered, “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.


4 thoughts on “Bring Your Gun to Church Day!

  1. I think that i just threw up a little in my mouth! I can’t believe how backwards some churches are. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. But which one should I bring? I think the 44 is saying I want to really break something but the 9mm may not be strong enough if I have to defend myself and others from the Russians when they invade after the service. alright 1911 it is. I kid I kid. Too far?

    I am not sure I think this is pure evil but I don’t really think that asking anyone one and everyone to bring a gun to church is the best way to tell people you follow the teachings of Jesus(or the best way to invite them to join you). It also kind of suggests that anti gun people are not welcome at your church.

  3. ok I saw the video now and that headline is very misleading. he is asking people to bring unloaded and locked guns to a special service just for the purpose of bringing them. this is just plane stupid to me. and COMPLETELY SAFE. there is nothing dangerous about this. all guns must be unloaded and locked. making them useless and making me wonder what is the point.

  4. I wonder what this preacher does with the long tradition in Christianity that guns and weapons were forbidden in the church? Even flags showing allegiance to the state were forbidden traditionally in the places where allegiance to God was primary.

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