My Thoughts on Rob Bell.

I kinda like Rob Bell.  I’ll probably buy his new book when it comes out and read it.

The end.


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Rob Bell.

    • I also think this is a great blog…who are we to judge? We can think for ourselves and realize this is one man’s perspective. Is it going to be the divine Word of God? No. Will it challenge me to think about my Christian faith and where I stand? I certainly hope so. I am thankful for the different ways that Rob Bell challenges people to think outside the box sometimes. Nick, thank you for your simple yet insightful thought.

  1. Great pictures, Nathan is one of the most adrlbaoe kid I have ever seen. And he has a amazing strong personality. May God Bless him with the very best and keep him always this loving and Strong person.Bless him. Love Anita, Vikram, Kabir and Mira Shrivastava

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